An alarm system is an integral part of an efficient security system for homes, offices and public places. An Alarm system further prompts actions necessary to curb malicious property damage and, or loss of life.

Frontlane Technologies offers burglar and fire alarm system installation services for homes, apartments, shops, schools, hotels, factories, warehouses and offices. We design, install and integrate to enhance safety, confidence, and security. We install alarm systems that offer flexible integration with existing systems including cctv video camera, access control, floodlights, siren and others.

Every situation is usually not the same, - so, we work with our clients to understand their peculiar situation and design an alarm solution that serves them best. We provide both wireless and wired installations.

burglar & fire alarm system installation

Our professional burglar and fire alarm installation services feature:

  • Industry-leading intrusion detection panels and alarm sensors

  • Flexible integration with video, access control, floodlights and other systems

  • Inspections, maintenance, service, and support

  • Local, state, and federal regulatory compliance

  • Online management for easy arming/disarming and monitoring

  • Panic buttons with a response call to police or estate security

  • Professional installation and maintenance


Burglar Alarm Installation

Burglar alarm system with necessary triggers and notifications that can help you repel intruders and secure your home and facilities. You can also get notifications even while you are away.

Fire Alarm Installation

Professionally installed Addressable and non-addressable fire alarm systems to alert everyone of a fire emergency, trigger evacuation process and also help curb the fire situation on time.

Emergency Alarm Installation

For business premises, public areas, and homes. These are systems that at a press of a panic button would sound the alarm to draw attention or send silent notifications to authorities in the case of intrusion threat and other emergencies. This helps to repel attackers and also save life.