Shopkeeper POS / Sales Inventory Software

A desktop sales and inventory system, Shopkeeper is designed to handle and track the movement of stock items from the point of item supplies to sales or between production and sales departments. It provides a consolidated report of the cost of all supply or production costs alongside the profit or loss on the sale of items.

Our POS application is designed for Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Pharmaceutical Stores, Retail Stores, Restaurants & Bars, Groceries Stores, Saloon & Spa, Gyms & Fitness Centers, Hospitality Concerns, Trading Companies, Real Estates.
It can be customized to suit different applications. It is locally designed and well supported.

POS system shopkeeper


  • Simple and easy to use

  • Customizable

  • Simple dashboard summary of activity logs such as day's sales, items due for purchase, overdue/unpaid invoices, highest performing customers & total refunds

  • Extensive reports by day, cashier, product category, Stock value, product expiration, good transfer, income statement, customer statement, etc.

  • Different user access levels with password protection

  • POS/Invoice Receipt, Purchase Order, Transfer Note, Goods Receipt Note, Bill of Materials/Production, Inventory Requisitions,

  • Multiple payment types

  • Complete installation and support

  • Touch screen ready

  • Menu-driven with basic window commands and control keys

  • Multi-user ready, i.e., it supports an unlimited number of users in a network environment

  • Value-added feature – sales invoice to show vat element on a sales receipt

  • Accurate stock level maintained throughout the system and at every point in time

  • Minimum Stock/reorder level for items

  • The intuitive graphical user interface cuts down the learning time

  • Business owner can manage all the various sales outlets via a single dashboard

System Requirement

Operating system: Windows 7+, Mac OS
Hardware requirement:

  • Computer System (Touchscreen or No-touchscreen PC)

  • Network connection (for multi-user environment)

  • Receipt printers

  • Barcode Scanners

  • LaserJet/DeskJet Printer

  • Barcode Labels (optional)